13 Free Printable Thank-You Cards for Custodians, Librarians, and More

Because it takes a lot of special people to keep a school running.

Examples of five different thank you cards for school staff members like nurses, custodians, paraprofessionals, and more.
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Whether it’s the end of the school year, the holidays, or any other time, thank-you cards are a fantastic way to recognize those staffers who are sometimes overlooked. You can definitely find thank-you cards for teachers in your local greeting-card aisle (although we have free printable teacher cards too), but not so much for the bus driver, gym teacher, and others.

Take a look at these cards we created especially to say thank you to the custodians, crossing guards, paraprofessionals, school nurses, librarians, and other individuals who keep our schools running year-round.

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Thank-you cards for school counselors, nurses, cafeteria workers, and bus drivers

Examples of thank you cards for school staff including the nurse, custodian, cafeteria worker and secretary
We Are Teachers

School counselor: Thanks for being the compass to help me find my path.

Nurse: Thank you for being the heartbeat of our school’s health.


Cafeteria worker: Thanks a bunch for fueling my day.

Bus driver: Thanks for being the driving force behind our safety.

Thank-you cards for principals, IT pros, secretaries, custodians, and paraprofessionals

Examples of thank you cards for secretaries, IT pros, custodian, and principals
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Principals: Thanks for being the North Star that guides our school’s journey.

IT pros: Your expertise keeps our school cutting-edge.

Secretaries: Thanks for being the glue that holds our school office together.

Custodians: Thanks for making our school shine brighter than a diamond.

Paraprofessionals: Thank you for helping me grow.

Thank-you cards for crossing guards, librarians, and more

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Crossing guard: Just wanted to stop and thank you for keeping us safe.

Librarian: ISBN thinking about how much you do for our school. Thank you!

General: I donut know what we’d do without you at school.

General: I’m a big fan of what you do for our school.

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