10 Classic Sesame Street Videos That Are Still Relevant for Today’s Kids

Prepare for some serious nostalgia.

The Alligator King from Sesame Street giving a strange look

Sesame Street has been one of the most popular children’s programs on television for over 50 years, and with good reason. Its winning formula of lovable characters, educational content, and inclusivity made it an instant hit. It continues to be overwhelmingly popular as it evolves with the times. However, it turns out that some of the original content is just as good (if not better) than the new ones at teaching kids letters, numbers, and more. We rounded up our favorite classic Sesame Street videos that we think today’s children will love as much as we did:

Ladybugs’ Picnic

I think this song is legitimately how I learned to count to 12. It’s a catchy song for kids with great visuals (both symbolic and numeric representation). 

Alligator King

This iconic video is a great way for kids to learn all about the number seven, and it also has a nice little moral to the story. 

A Loaf of Bread

This is the old school version of “42 Wallaby Way Sydney.” What child hasn’t struggled to remember a list of items? 

The Bridge Keeper

This trio of “Bridge Keeper” videos is a fun introduction to circles, squares, and triangles. Just try and keep from yelling, “You shall not pass!”

One of These Things


Categorizing and classifying are important skills for our youngest learners. Teach them to sing this song as they determine which item does not belong.

Teeny Little Super Guy

Teeny Little Super Guy was my first superhero, and he taught me everything from finding the courage to ask other kids to play to the necessity of practicing to get good at something.

King of 8

I can’t get this song out of my head (maybe it’s because the jovial king is voiced by Jim Henson himself). I want to count to eight all day, and I think kids will, too.

Cowboy X

From now on, I’m only introducing the letter X via the good citizens of Sniddler’s Gulch. 

Martian Beauty

OK, this is a weird one, but I guarantee you remember it. “She doesn’t go shoppin’ ’cause she doesn’t like hoppin'” … and she can teach you to count to nine.

Animal Elevator Song

Basic addition? You got it! As the different groups of animals get on the elevator, kids can see the new total. 

Did we miss any of your favorite classic Sesame Street videos? Post them in the comments.

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10 Classic Sesame Street Videos That Are Still Relevant for Today's Kids