The Best New Books Coming November 2023 for Kids and Teachers

We’re so thankful for new reads!

Collage of new books for November 2023, including We Could Fly and Stone Age Beasts
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In a month that’s all about gratitude, we can’t give enough thanks for new reads to add to our pile. We’ve scoured the reviews and rounded up all the new books coming in November 2023 that seem perfect for kids and classrooms. Here’s what we can’t wait to check out this month.

New Fiction Picture Books

Eleven Words for Love by Randa Abdel-Fattah, illustrated by Maxine Beneba Clarke

Eleven Words for Love book cover

When a Palestinian family is forced to flee their home, they embark on a journey that means leaving everything familiar behind. Fortunately, love can travel with you anywhere. If you’ve ever thought English needed more words for different kinds of love, you’ll appreciate the Arabic expressions highlighted in this book.

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The Concrete Garden by Bob Graham

The Concrete Garden book cover

On the first warm day of spring, the children of one apartment block fill the sidewalk outside with chalk drawings, creating their own concrete garden. The book carries a deeper message, written as a reflection on the separation and reunion of loved ones throughout the recent pandemic.

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How Do You Become Friends With the Moon? by Ghazaleh Bigdelou

How Do You Become Friends With the Moon? book cover

Join a sweet group of pals on their quest to bring the moon down to earth so they can all become friends. Eventually they succeed, filling her up with cup after cup of milk tea. Finally, the moon must return to the sky, knowing she can return to her friends any time she’d like more tea.

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When the Stars Came Home by Brittany Luby, illustrated by Natasha Donovan

When the Stars Came Home book cover

Ojiig is an Anishinaabe boy whose whole life is uprooted when his family moves to the city. He’s unable to settle, missing the stars and his extended family. His mother invites him to help her sew a new quilt, telling him traditional stories as they work. This new star-patterned quilt helps Ojiig feel at home at last.

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We Could Fly by Rhiannon Giddens, illustrated by Briana Mukodiri Uchendu

We Could Fly book cover

Any child who’s ever dreamed of flying (so, every child!) will enjoy this magical tale of a girl who does just that. The text is based on lyrics from a song by Rhiannon Giddens, which in turn draws on African folklore.

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A Way to the Stars by David Almond, illustrated by Gill Smith

A Way to the Stars book cover

Joe is determined to fly high above the earth, soaring among the stars. With help from his father, he climbs ladders, builds towers, and even uses a cannon in an effort to reach his goal. This is a story that’s more about the journey than the destination, though the two do eventually find their way to the stars.

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New Easy Reader/Chapter Books

Drag and Rex: Forever Friends by Susan Lubner, illustrated by Blythe Russo

Drag and Rex: Forever Friends book cover

New quality chapter books for early readers can be hard to find, so teachers and kids alike will be thrilled with this adorable new series. Drag and Rex may be pretty different, but they’re very good friends, and their adventures make for easy, engaging reading.

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A Story No One Has Ever Heard Before by Avi Steinberg

A Story No One Has Ever Heard Before book cover

Use this charming new book to teach kids about story elements in such a fun way! “I am not going to be the one to tell this story,” explains the narrator. “You are!” Step by step, the narrator offers guidance on characters, conflict, climax, and resolution. The final pages provide a Mad Libs–style tale that kids can complete over and over again.

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The Apartment House on Poppy Hill by Nina LaCour, illustrated by Sònia Albert

The Apartment House on Poppy Hill book cover

Here’s the start of another new series perfect for emergent readers. Meet Ella and all her neighbors in a San Francisco apartment building. Their quirky relationships lead to sweet and comforting stories, written in short chapters that are perfect for reading practice.

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New Middle Grade Fiction Books

The Night Raven by Johan Rundberg

The Night Raven book cover

This historical thriller was popular in Sweden, and now it’s been translated to English. It follows the story of Mira, an orphan in 1880 Stockholm. When a new arrival comes with a cryptic message, it launches Mira into a murder investigation that uncovers much more than meets the eye.

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Forsooth by Jimmy Matejek-Morris

Forsooth Book Cover

The theater world has always been home to a collection of quirky kids who find their place amongst other drama lovers. This tale centers on middle schooler Jonah and his confusing feelings, as he and the rest of the drama kids navigate life, relationships, and the complexities of growing up.

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Sail Me Away Home by Ann Clare LeZotte

Sail Me Away Home book cover

This is the third entry in a unique historical-fiction series, telling the story of a deaf teenage girl who’s also the village schoolteacher in the early 1800s. In the latest book, Mary travels to Europe to learn about the schools for hearing impaired children there. The exploration of Deaf history sets these books apart, teaching compassion and empathy for people both past and present.

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The Dubious Pranks of Shaindy Goodman by Mari Lowe

The Dubious Pranks of Shaindy Goodman book cover

In their Orthodox Jewish girls’ school, Gayil is the cool kid while Shaindy feels shy and awkward. When Gayil suddenly befriends Shaindy and encourages her to join in on a series of increasingly serious pranks, Shaindy must figure out what’s causing Gayil’s bad behavior before someone really gets hurt.

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Ruptured by Joanne Rossmassler Fritz

Ruptured book cover

Novels in verse aren’t for everyone, but those who can get into the lyrical language will welcome this new book. Thirteen-year-old Claire’s mother tells her a terrible secret just before suffering a brain aneurysm that leaves her completely different. Everything is changing at once, and Claire navigates it all through her narrative poems.

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New High School Fiction Books

Swarm by Jennifer Lyle

Swarm book cover

A swarm of giant killer butterflies sounds like a bad B movie, but it’s the premise of this gripping and intriguing novel. Perfect for fans of thrillers and dystopia, Swarm follows a group of teens who must find a way to survive the giant butterflies … and even more horrors.

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Kingdom of Without by Andrea Tang

Kingdom of Without book cover

For sci-fi fans who also enjoy alternate histories, check out this story set in a cyberpunk Beijing run by a powerful clique that’s divided the city into Rings by both geography and class. One teen seeks a way out through a heist that might turn into a revolution instead.

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Gwen & Art Are Not in Love by Lex Croucher

Gwen and Art are Not in Love book cover

A few hundred years after the Camelot of legend, a betrothed young princess and knight have many problems. To begin with, they can’t stand each other. Complicating matters further, neither of them is interested in traditional romance with the opposite sex. Their relationship develops from blackmail to grudging support against a background of medieval sword-fighting and society.

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Ralph & Murray by Rick Glaze

Ralph and Murray book cover

This is one of our favorite new Hi-Low books to hit shelves in November, with a story that’s accessible for elementary kids but will intrigue high school readers too. All animal lovers will embrace the friendship of these dog and cat neighbors, who hilariously narrate the action as they try to understand just what their humans are doing and why they do it.

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New Graphic Novels in November 2023

The Magicians by Blexbolex

The Magicians book cover

Take a magical journey through a lavishly illustrated world with three magicians who’ve just woken up from a long sleep. Translated from French, this book creates a mystical backdrop for the three young magicians, who must evade enemies like a mechanical lion-dragon. It’s perfect for kids who get as much from the pictures as they do from the text. (Grades 3+)

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Duel by Jessixa Bagley, illustrated by Aaron Bagley

Duel book cover

Sisters GiGi and Lucy both love fencing, but that’s about all they have in common (or so they think). They’re also both navigating their father’s recent death, but the tragedy that could have brought them together instead leaves them further apart than ever. Will an ultimate duel between the two drive them apart completely, or finally help them mend their relationship? This is an excellent read for kids interested in learning more about the sport of fencing. (Grades 3-7)

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Escape From Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein, illustrated by Douglas Holgate

Escape From Mr. Lemoncello's Library graphic novel cover

Another new title joins this incredibly popular series of books in November. In fact, Mr. Lemoncello’s library is taking its first step into graphic novel territory with this volume. See Kyle’s story brought to vivid life through illustrations that document his frantic attempts to solve tricky puzzles and escape from a locked library. This adaptation makes the series more accessible than ever. (Grades 3-7)

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The Secret of the Ravens by Joanna Cacao

The Secret of the Ravens book cover

Twins Elliot and Eliza are alone in the world, scavenging through trash to survive. When magical ravens arrive and offer them the chance to complete quests to earn money, they think their problems are solved. But the Raven Quests instead lead them deeper into trouble, and they’ll need to seek outside help if they’re both to survive a serious accident. (Grades 3-7)

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New Nonfiction Books in November 2023

Rising Above by Hayley Diep, illustrated by Naomi Giddings

Rising Above book cover

If you’re looking for new books for young sports fans to read in November, they’ll be inspired by the story of the first NBA player of color. Though his professional career was short, Wat set the stage for the racially diverse NBA of today, and his story deserves a wider audience. (Pre-K to Grade 3)

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Stone Age Beasts by Ben Lerwill, illustrated by Grahame Baker-Smith

Stone Age Beasts book cover

What child isn’t intrigued by the idea of woolly mammoths and saber-toothed cats? Those prehistoric creatures are just the start in this encyclopedia of fantastic beasts like elephant birds and giant wombats. It’s a short book overall, but it’s packed with fascinating facts and gorgeous illustrations. (Grades 1-4)

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The Wheel of the Year by Fiona Cook, illustrated by Jessica Roux

The Wheel of the Year book cover

Journey through the seasons of the year, learning more about the legends and cultural significance of each to cultures around the world. Find ideas for themed crafts, sensory activities, and more ways to make a deeper connection to the rhythms of nature. (Grades 4-6)

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Breakthrough by Stephanie Sammartino McPherson

Breakthrough book cover

In recent months, several books have drawn attention to scientist Katalin Karikó, whose work paved the way for the mRNA vaccines that helped break the back of the COVID-19 pandemic. Readers learn about Karikó’s challenges along the road to becoming a groundbreaking scientist. They’ll also gain a better understanding of the science itself, in a completely accessible way. (Grades 7-12)

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The Brontës of Haworth Moor by Diane Browning

The Brontes of Haworth Moor book

Wuthering Heights fans aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the latest book on the fascinating Brontë sisters. Teens will especially like hearing about their early day-to-day lives, leading up to the three sisters’ incredible literary achievements. (Grades 9+)

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New Books for Teachers in November 2023

Apprentice Nation by Ryan Craig

Apprentice Nation

Teachers know the push to get every student into college, even when it’s clear that other paths would be a better fit. They can understand the argument to return to an apprentice system, where students “learn while they earn.” Author Craig makes a convincing case for encouraging students to pursue higher education in a way that serves them best, and encouraging companies to return to apprenticeships that can benefit both student and teacher.

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Uncertain by Maggie Jackson

Uncertain book cover

Those who work in education know that feeling of having the ground constantly shifting under your feet. Maggie Jackson presents ideas for embracing the unknown and confronting the unexpected in useful and empowering ways. Her insights can help those who struggle to adjust in a constantly changing world.

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Equality by Darrin M. McMahon

Equality book cover

The promise of equality is an elusive concept, one that has caused conflict from the days of antiquity. Learn about different iterations of equality through the centuries, and consider what our definition of the word is today. This is an intriguing look at a tough question: Is true equality even possible?

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