Halloween Coloring Pages: Grab Our Free Download

Boo! It’s time to color!

Free Halloween Coloring Pages
Allie Ogg for We Are Teachers

Hooray, it’s spooky season! And to celebrate, we created these free Halloween coloring pages, featuring adorable school-themed illustrations by Allie Ogg. Grab all five pages by filling out the form on this page.

Use the coloring pages as a fun seasonal activity for fast finishers or your class Halloween party.

Here’s what’s inside the Halloween coloring pages bundle:

A cute crew of witches on a school bus

Witches riding on a school bus - free halloween coloring page
Art by Allie Ogg

All aboard! These witches are off for a day of fun and learning at school! (And we love their pet kitties too!) How many stars can you color? How many pumpkins?

A happy Halloween playground

Halloween creatures on a playground - coloring page
Art by Allie Ogg

You never know who you’ll find on the playground when it’s recess time at Halloween! Students will love this fun coloring page that features dinosaurs, ghosts, robots, and more! Invite students to write about this scene and why the various characters might be playing with one another.

Visitors from the bat cave

Bats Halloween coloring page
Art by Allie Ogg

Don’t be scared by these little guys—they’re just here to wish you a happy Halloween! Check out our list of nocturnal animal books to learn more about bats and other creatures of the night!

Some ghostly readers

Ghosts reading - Halloween coloring page
Art by Allie Ogg

Boo! These friendly ghosts are crowded around their teacher to hear a spooky story. Here’s hoping your students will be just as attentive during story time! 🤣

Say season’s greetings with this Halloween coloring page

Season's greetings Halloween coloring page
Art by Allie Ogg

Give this Halloween coloring page to students to color as a festive greeting for their families or school staff.

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