Get This Free ‘Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset’ Bulletin Board Kit for Your ELL Classroom

Encourage a growth mindset with your English language learners!

Sponsored By Lexia English

I can’t do it. The other kids don’t understand me. If you teach English language learners, you’ve probably heard these words. And those words have power. Help your emergent bilingual students to feel included, celebrated, and valued by giving them empowering language to take the place of those “I can’t” statements. Download this ‘Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset’ bulletin board kit and start them on their growth mindset journey.

How To Set Up This Bulletin Board:

  1. Print the bulletin board cards.
  2. Cut out the bulletin board cards.
  3. Staple your pieces on a blank bulletin board or tape them on a door.

Mockup of Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset bulletin board

How To Use This Bulletin Board:

  1. Whole Group Instruction: Introduce the concept of growth mindset. Ask students to talk about their language learning journey and what struggles they have had. Talk about what skills they have used to overcome obstacles and what resources and people have helped them.
  2. Writing Activity: Have students write a letter to a new student struggling to learn English and encourage them to use the growth mindset language to think about their frustration in a new way so they can keep going.
  3. Small Group Instruction: Focus on one set at a time and challenge the students to explain why the growth mindset phrase is more helpful in completing a goal or overcoming a challenge.
  4. Teachable Moments: When you hear your emergent bilingual students use limiting language, point out a more productive phrase that they can use to get them in the right frame of mind.