51 Unique Gifts for Book Lovers

Gifts for bibliophiles that aren’t books.

Bibliophiles are a pretty straightforward group—we love to read. That includes plenty of teachers. But finding a great gift that’s not another bestseller can be daunting. Use this list of 51 gift ideas (OK, a few are books) to find the perfect gifts for all the book lovers on your list.

1. Embroidered felt bookmark

felt book marks for an idea for a gift for book lovers

These personalized felt embroidered bookmarks are a beautiful way to save a page. Order sets of one letter as gifts for the book lovers who always have multiple books going at once.

Buy it: Felt bookmark at Etsy

2. Wooden book stand

bookstand carved rom wood with book, mug and glasses for a gift idea for a book lover

A gorgeous carved book stand that holds a book, reading glasses, and a mug. This book stand turns pausing a book into a work of art.

Buy it: Carved book stand at Etsy

3. Custom book sweatshirt

sweatshirt with book spines and titles

A sweatshirt that’s customized with your friend’s favorite book titles, this sweatshirt is a conversation starter for bibliophiles.

Buy it: Custom book sweatshirt at Etsy

4. Bookshelves ornament

ornament of bookshelves personalized with name; gift for a book lover

We love this ornament, which would look great on a Christmas tree or as a hanging decoration all year round. There are also lots of options for shapes so you can personalize this ornament to its recipient.

Buy it: Bookshelves ornament at Etsy

5. Bookshop candle

bookstore scented candle

Turn any room into a book paradise with a candle that smells like an old bookstore.

Buy it: Bookstore candle at Etsy

6. Book tote

tote with books stacked design for a gift idea for a book lover

Looking for stylish and practical gifts for book lovers? Enter this classic tote bag for their library hauls.

Buy it: Kate Spade Book Tote at Amazon

7. Reading journal

reading journal gift idea for a book lover

This reading journal has space to log books you’ve read and write book lists. When completed, it captures a year of reading.

Buy it: Reading journal at Amazon

8. Scratch-off books poster

poster with 100 books to scratch off for a gift for book lovers

This is a great gift for someone who likes books, and a challenge, and a challenge about books. Each time they complete a classic title, they scratch off that picture until they’ve read all 100.

Buy it: Scratch off 100 books poster at Amazon

9. Book socks

socks for book lovers with designs that include animals and books

These socks are clearly for book lovers, from the reading sloths to the messages on the bottom of the feet.

Buy it: Book socks at Amazon

10. Zipper pouch

zipper pouch with book design

A modern design on this zipper case makes it a great place to house pens, makeup, or toiletries.

Buy it: Zipper pouch at Amazon

11. Reading light

reading light that can be hung around the neck

A reading light that can be taken on the road for reading in the car or that can be used for bedtime reading. (This could be a great gift for the person in your life whose reading keeps you up at night.)

Buy it: LED light at Amazon

12. Book pins

pins with book designs, gift idea for book lovers

Give book pins with fun sayings to a book lover who loves to decorate bags, shirts, jackets, or backpacks.

Buy it: Book pins at Amazon

13. Open-book tumbler

tumbler with a book design

A tumbler is perfect for reading while drinking something cool on the beach or something warm on a crisp fall day.

Buy it: Book tumbler at Amazon

14. Wearable blanket

person wearing a blanket that has sleeves for a gift idea for a book lover

It’s easier to read under the blanket when the blanket has sleeves. This is a perfect gift for someone who loves to be warm and cozy while reading.

Buy it: Wearable blanket at Amazon

15. Set of coasters

set of coasters, idea for a gift for a book lover

If you’re buying a gift for a book lover who loves to drink but hates rings on tables, a set of coasters is a practical gift. Plus, a set of coasters with a gorgeous design like these is a great addition to any side table.

Buy it: Set of coasters at Amazon

16. Magnetic bookmarks

magnetic bookmark with a sloth design

A magnetic bookmark is a perfect way to hold a page, and these adorable sloth bookmarks are a great addition to any collection.

Buy it: Magnetic sloth bookmarks at Amazon

17. Murder mystery bookmarks

Blood splattered bookmark with red tassel.

Also in the bookmark department, match a favorite genre with the perfect bookmark. In this case, horror or true crime with fake-blood-spattered bookmarks.

Buy it: Bloody bookmark at Etsy

18. Book earrings

Bookcase dangle earrings.

For a reader who wants everyone to know they love books.

Buy it: Book earrings at Amazon

19. Bookends

book ends shaped like brains for a gift idea for book lovers

Just a reminder that reading is good for your brain. These bookends keep that front and center.

Buy it: Brain bookends at Etsy

20. Book necklace

book necklace that reads just one more chaper

This necklace has a clear message that any book lover will agree with.

Buy it: Book necklace at Amazon

21. Tequila Mockingbird

tequila mockingbird book cover

Tequila Mockingbird is a book of cocktail recipes inspired by novels—such a fun addition to any book collection.

Buy it: Tequila Mockingbird at Amazon

22. Kindle lap desk

lapdesk for a kindle for a gift idea for book lovers

This lap desk is a great way to hold a Kindle, for readers who prefer to read on an e-reader.

Buy it: Lap desk at Amazon

23. Book vase

glass vase in the shape of a book, a gift idea for book lovers

This clear book-shaped vase is pretty enough to stand alone, or it could be a nice addition to a bookshelf as a bookend.

Buy it: Flower vase at Amazon

24. Book puzzle

puzzle with book covers

For when they want to think about books but not read, this 1,000-piece puzzle of book covers is the perfect activity.

Buy it: Book puzzle at Amazon

25. Book plates

book plates that have an owl design that says this book belongs to

Book plates are the perfect gifts for book lovers who want to keep track of the books they lend out and get them back.

Buy it: Book plates at Etsy

26. Throw pillow

throw pillow with words just one more chapter; a gift idea for a book lover

A throw pillow with a bookish phrase is a cozy addition to a reading nook or favorite chair.

Buy it: Just One More Chapter pillow at Amazon

27. 1,000 Books To Read Before You Die

1000 books to read before you die book

A book of books, the perfect gift for book lovers who are always trying to find what to read next.

Buy it: 1,000 Books To Read Before Your Die at Amazon

28. Literary playing cards

playing cards with library slip back

A deck of playing cards with backs that look like library inserts is a creative way to bring a love of books into other activities.

Buy it: Literary Playing Cards at Amazon

29. Book stamp

book stamp that reads from the library of

Make sure everyone knows which books belong in their library. Book stamps are fantastic gifts for book lovers. Choose a stamp design that fits with the person you’re gifting it to.

Buy it: Personalized book stamp at Etsy

30. Custom book embosser

book embossed with cat logo

And for the book lover who likes an even fancier way to say “this book is mine,” give a personal embosser.

Buy it: Personalized book embosser at Etsy

31. Library set

personal library set with stamp and cards; gift idea for book lover

Turn any book lover into a librarian with their own checkout set.

Buy it: Personal library kit at Amazon

32. Light-filtering glasses

light blocking glasses on a book

Blue-light-blocking glasses are a perfect gift for people who read on screens.

Buy it: Blue-light-blocking glasses at Amazon

33. Heroic Girls in Books poster

poser of heroic women in books for a gift idea for a book lover

A poster that’s great for a reading corner or office—heroic girls in books.

Buy it: Heroic Girls in Books poster at Amazon

34. Highlighters

highlighters in blue. green yellow red and purple

We love these highlighters for readers who like to mark up the books they read.

Buy it: Highlighters at Amazon

35. Book-shaped cookie cutters

three cookie cutters in the shape of an open book

An ideal gift for the reader who bakes cookies before, during, or after reading.

Buy it: Book cookie cutters at Amazon

36. Book jacket postcards

postcards of book covers from Penguin books

A collection of 100 postcards each with a different penguin book jacket is a perfect gift for a reader who likes to send notes, or who could use postcards in a creative way.

Buy it: Penguin book postcards at Amazon

37. Invisible bookshelf

book shelf with superhero cut out

An invisible shelf is perfect to install in a bedroom or living room, and this one adds flare in addition to a place to house books.

Buy it: Invisible bookshelf at Amazon

38. Bathtub caddy

tub caddy with space for a book

We all know the book lover whose perfect Friday evening is a bubble bath and a book.

Buy it: Tub caddy at Amazon

39. Specialty dust jackets

dust jackets for lord of the rings books gift idea for book lovers

These specialty dust jackets are for readers who like to display the books they read. Dust jackets are available for other series as well, including Percy Jackson, Twilight, and Harry Potter.

Buy it: Specialty dust jackets at Amazon

40. Adjustable pillow

adjustable pillow gift idea for book lovers

A pillow that adjusts to make reading comfortable in any position … yes, please!

Buy it: Adjustable reading pillow at Amazon

41. The Book Lover’s Cookbook

the book lovers cookbook cover

The Book Lover’s Cookbook: Recipes Inspired by Celebrated Works of Literature—the title says it all. A great gift for someone who loves to read classic literature.

Buy it: The Book Lover’s Cookbook at Amazon

42. Bookshelf bookmark

bookmark with space to fill in books that you've read for a gift idea for a book lover

This bookmark has space to fill in all the books they read while using it. Such a creative way to track reading!

Buy it: Bookshelf tracker bookmark at Etsy

43. Throw blanket

white blanket thrown over chair for a gift idea for a book lover

A blanket that’s great for any season or weather makes any chair or bed a cozy place to read.

Buy it: Cotton waffle weave throw blanket at Amazon

44. Book-repair tape

book repair tape a gift idea for a book lover

Book-repair tape is for book lovers who love to read old books (or who tend to rip the binding of books—you know who they are).

Buy it: Book-repair tape at Amazon

45. Book weight

book weight holding down pages of a book

A book weight is the perfect tool for a reader who wants to read without having to worry about pages flipping. This makes a great small gift or stocking stuffer.

Buy it: Book weight at Amazon

46. Used-book subscription

books in a box for a used book subscription
Used Books Monthly via Cratejoy

There are tons of book boxes, but this one curates used books for each month of reading.

Get it: Used-book subscription at Cratejoy

47. Decorative book vase

decorative vase that looks like a book of the secret garden for a gift idea for a book lover

We can think of book lovers on our list who would love these gifts. Add a book vase or two to their shelf.

Buy it: Decorative book vase at Amazon

48. The Ultimate Reading Challenge

cover of the ultimate book reading challenge

A collection of 25 reading challenges and book-y rewards to inspire bookworms. They’ll find themselves rereading favorite childhood books, reading books that feature indigenous people, or getting book recommendations from a local bookstore.

Buy it: The Ultimate Reading Challenge at Amazon

49. Black authors T-shirt

t-shirt with names of black authors douglass hughes haley ellison and baldwin

This shirt is another conversation starter from one book lover to another.

Buy it: Black authors T-shirt at Etsy

50. Bookworm tie

tie with book on it for a gift idea for a book lover

We love this tie to elevate any suit with a literary design.

Buy it: Bookworm tie at Amazon

51. Book mug

mug with book decoration

No list of gift ideas would be complete without a literary-themed mug, and we love this one that has a bright bookshelf theme.

Buy it: Book mug at Amazon

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