24 Coworker Gift Ideas for Teacher Friends and Colleagues

Because you’ve been through a lot together.

socks and ceramic planters for coworker gift ideas
We Are Teachers/Etsy/Amazon

Struggling to find coworker gift ideas for a fellow teacher, admin, or staff? We’ve got you covered. A coworker who prefers the practical? Done. A teaching partner who is constantly on the hunt for new socks? We’ve got cute ones to recommend!

Our first recommendation? If you’re in an anonymous gift-giving situation (Secret Santa, Elfster, etc.), be sure to find out what your person already likes, dislikes, or has more than enough of. Tons of teachers love coffee, but what will the teacher who doesn’t drink coffee do with a bag of organic French roast beans? Some teachers love getting school supplies; others get sad opening Post-it notes. Next, narrow down what type of gift you want to give, and that will help ensure that your giftee leaves happy and you get all the gift-giver glory. Check out these ideas for inspiration.

Note: Check your school’s gift policy before giving; some prohibit homemade treats and/or gifts over a certain monetary value.

1. Water bottle

green water bottle with top for coworker gift idea

It’s so important to stay hydrated throughout the day, so why not gift an awesome new water bottle? A fancy one that they may not purchase for themselves makes a nice gift.

Buy it: Hydro-flask water bottle at Amazon

2. Teacher tote

Personalized name teacher tote

Teacher totes are essential and so versatile. For carrying books and papers home or even for a grocery store stop, these are a useful gift. Check out our big list of teacher totes to choose from.

Buy it: Personalized Name Tote at Etsy

3.  Funny socks

socks with funny sayings for teachers

You’ll totally get a chuckle out of your coworkers with any of these funny sock choices.

Buy it: Teacher Socks at Etsy

4. Customized felt flag

Customized Felt Flags

You can customize this awesome decoration with a school name or mascot, teacher name, favorite sports team, or really anything! It makes for a great classroom or home decoration. Plus, the customizable touch makes a really thoughtful gift.

Buy it: Customizable felt flag at Etsy

5. Cheese board

Cheese board and knife set- coworker gift ideas

Pick up an adorable cheese board and knife set. You can even add in some cheeses and meat from any local grocer or deli for a ready-to-go yummy cheese board.

Buy it: Cheese Board and Knife Set at Amazon

6.  Stainless-steel straws

Stainless steel straw pack

Give a gift to your coworker and to Mother Nature at the same time!

Buy it: Stainless-steel straws at Amazon

7. Teacher tees

Teaching with flair tshirt with colorful pens pictured- coworker gift ideas
Teaching kindness is my jam teacher t-shirt- coworker gift ideas

We have awesome lists of tees from Etsy and teacher T-shirts on Amazon to choose from! This is the perfect gift to start an awesome Friday jean day teacher outfit.

Buy it: Teaching With Flair Shirt at Etsy or Teaching Kindness Shirt at Amazon

8.  USB coffee warmer

White USB coffee mug warmer

The coolest thing I’d never heard of! Great for a hot-coffee or tea fanatic.

Buy it: USB coffee warmer at Amazon

9.  Flavored water packs

Bubly drinks- coworker gift ideas
Hint water 12 pack

A few weeks ago, a parent brought in a package of canned sparkling water for us, and it felt like Christmas. Pick up their favorite canned beverage for a classroom treat whenever they need it. If you haven’t tried these Bubly waters or a Hint water, pick these up now!

Buy it: Bubly Water at Amazon or Hint Water at Amazon

10.  Bluetooth shower speaker

Bluetooth shower speaker waterproof

One of the absolute best gifts I’ve ever gotten was a Bluetooth waterproof speaker. Being able to listen to podcasts or music in the shower turns a chore into something I look forward to.

Buy it: Bluetooth Shower Speaker at Amazon

11.  Yeti mug

Purple Yeti mug- coworker gift ideas

This really is the mug to end all mugs. Best of all, it’s dishwasher safe, and it comes in a variety of colors. This mug will keep coffee or tea warm with its stainless-steel insulation as you move about the classroom. Take a look at some of our coffee station ideas too!

Buy it: Yeti Rambler 14-Ounce Mug at Amazon

12. Relaxation bundle

Bag of bath bombs- coworker gift ideas
Grey plush sherpa blanket- coworker gift ideas

Over winter break, or even just the weekend, give your coworker a reason to relax. You could include a cozy blanket, bath bombs, yummy hand soap, some hot chocolate, essential oils, scented lotion, and/or a face mask. The options are really endless, and this is totally customizable depending on whom you’re gifting to.

Buy it: Bag of Bath Bombs at Target, Grey Sherpa Blanket at Target, Love Beauty Body Lotion at Target

13. Paper sets

Colorful note pad paper set- coworker gift ideas

If you’re a paper geek like us, this adorable paper set will make you light up.

Buy it: Lily Pulitzer Note Pad Set at Amazon

14. Lanyards

Beaded Teacher Lanyard with name for coworker gift idea

Notice a worn-out teacher lanyard? Pick up one of these cute, customized options as one of the great coworker gift ideas to brighten your coworker’s day.

Buy it: Beaded Name Lanyard at Etsy

15. Desktop whiteboard easel

whiteboard with marker for a coworker gift idea

Our own personal whiteboard that’s desk-sized. A great way to jot down the to-dos for a day, or post what students need to be doing (so they don’t have to bother you).

Buy it: Whiteboard desktop easel at Amazon

16. Cat sticky notes

cat sticky notes posted on pencil cups for coworker gift idea

For the coworker who loves office supplies, sticky notes that are super cute, like these cat notes, are a great addition to their desk.

Buy it: Cat sticky notes at Amazon

17. Jewelry organizer

jewelry organizer with rings and necklaces inside

If you have a coworker who always has the best bling, a place to house it either at school when it’s time for field day or at home is a perfect gift.

Buy it: Jewelry organizer at Amazon

18. Hand lotion set

set of hand lotion for coworker gift idea

We all need hand lotion at some point in the year—when the weather gets cold or during any month that we’re using a lot of hand sanitizer. Stock a teacher’s drawer with yummy scented hand lotion.

Buy it: Hand lotion set at Amazon

19. Aromatherapy dough

aromatherapy dough for coworker gift idea

The idea is to give therapy dough that’s great for stress relief (something to fidget with during those endless meetings), and this dough has an aromatherapy scent to keep the relaxation coming.

Buy it: Aromatherapy Dough at Amazon

20. Owl planters

ceramic owl planters with succulents in them

If you’re looking for gift ideas for a coworker who has a green thumb, these adorable planters can be filled with cacti or succulents. Perfect for home or school.

Buy it: Ceramic owl planters at Amazon

21. Moody Cards

example of moody cards that you can flip over to say different phrases like smile or do i look like google

Moody Cards are small flip books of cards that you can use to communicate. A great gift for the coworker who always makes you laugh.

Buy it: Moody Cards at Amazon

22. Pocket Sriracha

pocket sriracha for a coworker gift

A tiny bottle of sriracha hot sauce that clips onto a lanyard or key chain is the ideal gift for the coworker who is always complaining the cafeteria food or lunches from home are too bland.

Buy it: Pocket Sriracha bottle at Amazon

23. Affirmation cards

examples of affirmation cards with positive sayings on them

A stack of affirmation cards is great for a first-year teacher or anyone, really, whom you want to send positive thoughts to each day.

Buy it: Affirmation cards at Amazon

24. Shower Steamers

set of shower steamers to add to a shower to add aromatherapy

Another gift in the theme of relaxation, these Shower Steamers make showers an aromatherapy experience.

Buy it: Shower Steamers at Amazon

Do you have any coworker gift ideas to add? Come and share in our We Are Teachers HELPLINE group on Facebook.

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